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Overdyed Rug

The mix of traditional designs with a contemporary effect became the celebration of chromatic compositions. became part of this exciting process and now has one of the largest collections of hand woven over-dyed
Turkish vintage rugs and patchworks and we are delighted to share them with you.

Turkish Vintage Rug

These vintage woven works of art were crafted by skilled artisans in regions where
handcrafted rugs are a time-honored tradition.
Lightly restored to preserve their distinct patina after decades of gentle aging,each rug retains its old-world charm and unique character.
Handpicked for their exquisite artwork and designs, our wool rugs are truly one of a kind.

Kilim Rugs

Each vintage kilim we offer in is one-of-a-kind and authentic.
All our vintage kilim rugs are professionally cleaned and odor free.
For additional information about kilims, their origins, cleaning, hanging,dyeing and more.

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