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Who We Are

Our Journey began from the Middle Asia where we jumped on board from the historical Silk Road three generations back. Along the way we learned the art of rug knotting that dates back to 5000 years. We brought the old heritage to the contemporary world by blowing life in to the skill set through innovation. At Patchwork Carpets we gathered the best of rug weavers that not only paved the path between old and modern but also produced custom made rugs with their infusion of contemporary and old heritage. The rugs are infused with richness in design and luxury in comfort.

At Patchwork Carpets we offer hand woven, luxury rugs with rich designs. Our range of rugs comprise of Turkish rugs, custom made rugs and contemporary style rugs. The rugs sold are also collectibles and adds class to the interiors.The customization of rugs offers the consumers more room to decorate their space with innovation. This flexibility offers us a room to reach the tastes of each of our consumers.

We not only offer rugs to high end consumers but we also offer rugs to interior designers. If you are an interior designer, you can definitely get a customized rug. We strongly believe in setting a sail on a creative journey with our clients and consumers alike.

Our weavers put in effort along with their innovation to use various styles of knotting rugs. The designs are one of its kind with the richness of vintage as well as contemporary world. The pieces created at Art & Design are a master piece that have brilliant color combinations along with the finest of threads. It is difficult to find finesse in rugs anywhere else as compared to the ones we offer. Patchworkcarpets are an epitome of innovation, design and richness weaved in to rugs.