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Do you ship worldwide?


Yes. We can make international shipping. For more information please read our shipping policy.


What determines the price of a rug?


Rug costs are determined by various factors such as age, color, size, design, condition, kpsi (knots per square inch), material (wool, silk, cotton) and origin.


How long does it take to make a rug?


The length of time it takes to knot a rug is determined by the size, design and knot count of the rug. 8 X 10 size rug approximately takes 4-5 months to complete. This lead time is less in our robotufted rugs and we can deliver a custom order rug in any size within 1 month. We take the advantage to be a direct manufacturer.


Can I have a rug custom designed?


Yes, sure you can. You can choose color, design, size, shape etc. For more information please visit our “How To” page.


Does knot count show the quality?


There are some other varieties. Within each style category knot-count is an indication of quality. However this does not mean that one is a low-quality rug just because its knot count is lower than that of another.


Do you use child labor in your productions?


At Art and Design Rugs, we DO NOT use child labor in all through our production.


How are your prices and quality compared to other rug stores?


We take advantage of being direct manufacturer and we offer this advantage to our customers with pricing. There is no middle man, so our prices are exceptionally less expensive.


How do I clean my rug?


Vacuum your rug as necessary. While vacuuming, try to avoid going over the fringes.

To remove stain, use only tap water to clean it before it gets dry


Do I need to use a rug pad under my rug?


Rug pads are not necessary. However, you can use pads especially in high traffic areas avoind slipping and sliding